Welcome to our site and thank you for choosing us as your auto dealer supplies partner.

We specialize in quality dealership products with competitive prices as well as assisting dealerships with direct mail marketing, social media management, general printing needs and mobile marketing strategies.

We have an extensive 30-year history of assisting automotive dealerships with print marketing with our family-owned community newspapers. Along with one of the newspaper purchases, we acquired a small commercial print operation. As business began to thrive so did the print company. Several years ago, the print efforts were separated from the newspapers and Connectic Marketing was formed. Connectic Marketing’s mission was to help local businesses with any of their 4 color print needs as well as provide direct mail services.

Around the same time our print company was separated from our newspapers, we began to push forward our development in the digital arena. Connectic Marketing was changed to i60 Media Group to better encompass the services we offer our clients. The digital aspect of our company has continued to grow and we continue to branch out into new territories with each acquisition.

In 2008, my son came on board to manage our print shop as well as oversee our computer-programming department. In 2010, my daughter joined us to further develop the digital aspect of i60 Media Group stretching our offering to include social media services, SEO, eCommerce solutions and mobile web development.

An influx in clients led to the development of our online store, www.autodealerprinting.com to better meet the needs of our growing client base.

With all the changes that have occurred over the course of my 32 years in operation, one thing hasn’t: Our family is committed to helping yours.

Michael Flores